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Detail information of dimethyl sebacate - the main raw material for producing light stabilizers

Chemical structure of dimethyl sebacateOur company can not only supply sebacic acid but also its related productions for example dimethyl sebacate. We can produce 2000 tons of dimethyl sebacate per year. Dimethyl sebacate is the main raw material for producing light stabilizers, such as UV-770, UV-750 and UV-123 and so on.

Dimethyl sebacate is also called decanedioic acid, dimethyl ester, and etc. It is colorless liquid or light yellow needle or prismatic crystals, soluble in ethanol and ether, insoluble in water. The melting point is 29-31°C, and the boiling point is 284°C. Its relative density is 0.99g/ml, and refractive index of 1.433-1.437 at the temperature of 20°C.

CAS: 106-79-6
Molecular formula: C12H22O4 
Molecular weight: 230.30
Dimethyl sebacate usages:

Dimethyl sebacate is compatible with benzyl cellulose, cellulose acetate, acetyl cellulose butyrate, acetyl cellulose propionate, chlorinated rubber, ethyl cellulose, polystyrene, polyvinyl alcohol carboxylic butyraldehyde, and vinyl chloride - vinyl acetate copolymer. It can be used as plasticizing agent, softening agent and solvent of cellulose resin, vinyl resin and synthetic rubber. It is the main raw material which widely used for producing light stabilizer UV-770, UV-750, UV-123 and others.
Packing: Packed in galvanized iron barrels and the net weight is 200kgs per barrel.
Storage: It should be storage in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep it away from fire and heat. It’s better to store separately with oxidants and avoid mixing reservoir because the product is flammable. Equipped with the appropriate various and quantity of fire equipment. Storage areas should be equipped with spill response equipment and suitable host materials.

Index name Index
Appearance Transparent liquid, no visible impurity
Ester content (%) 99.0min
Acid value (mg KOH/g) 0.1max
Density (20°C), g/cm3 0.938±0.003
Color (APHA) 20max
Refractive index (28°C) 1.4355±0.002
Packing 200kgs net per iron barrel

Light yellow dimethyl sebacateDimethyl sebacate is packed in galvanized iron barrels

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